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Heritage Express is an international freight forwarding company that was established in 2014 as a complete service-provider towards local companies being involved in shipping, logistics & transport. The founding of our company was a result of the desire to service the Bangladesh market and provide a better and faster service towards our customers.

Over the years Heritage Express developed itself into a more all-round player in this industry on the international market where today we still gain more and more market share in our industry of shipping and transport.

However the philosophy remained the same as from day 1 where we still strongly believe in our distinctive capabilities, providing an all-round service to our clientele, based on being an effective and efficient team, working on a personal basis with our esteemed customers.

By availing our services, you save yourself the trouble of having to constantly check on a number of customs service providers. We share professional relationships with a number of customs clearance and freight forwarding agents worldwide; ensuring the prompt and safe delivery of your goods.

We offer the following services; shipment consultancy, export and import custom clearing, documentation, shipment formalities, communication with authority etc. We assure that all documentation will be delivered to you 24 hours from the arrival of your goods, and provide our services for every medium and any destination.

We are a own Customs Licensed (Ministry of Finance) Customs Brokers having more than 15 years in the field of Customs Clearance. We have through knowledge of Tariff Classification, Notification, Customs Act, Customs Rules and Regulation, Duty concession, Duty Exemption Schemes, SVB Procedures, Duty Drawback Claim, Customs Duty Refund, License Verification.Clearance of capital goods, second hand machines etc. We handle both export and import of any products.


Open and creative to customer and employee solutions


Respect of individuals and their contribution to the team


Perform and maintain our functions in all circumstances


Faithful and devoted to our company at all times


Continuous improvement of our people and services


Using the lowest amount of inputs to create the greatest outputs

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About us